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Western Australia is teeming with great books that are perfect for young adult readers of all tastes. Here are some authors to look out for:

Ambelin Kwaymullina
Cover of the Tribe Trilogy Ambelin Kwaymullina loves reading sci-fi and fantasy books, and has wanted to write a novel since she was six years old. She comes from the Palyku people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Ambelin is the author of The Tribe Trilogy, a YA dystopian series, is published by Walker Books.
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Brendan Ritchie

Brendan Ritchie published his debut novel, Carousel, to critical acclaim in 2015 and the sequel, Beyond Carousel (both published by Fremantle Press), was released  in 2016.
a lively and imaginative novel about consumerism, youth, art, isolation, entrapment and survival, the sort of thing that might happen if Kafka wrote a script for Big Brother.’ Sydney Morning Herald.
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AJ Betts

A.J. Betts is a West Australian author of young adult fiction whose books include the highly acclaimed duology Hive and Rogue (Pan Macmillan, 2018/2019), and Zac & Mia (Text Publishing, 2013) which was the basis for an award-winning Hollywood television series.
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Deb Fitzpatrick

Deb Fitzpatrick is the author of six novels including two popular YA novels – 90 packets of instant noodles and Have you seen Ally Queen?, both published by Fremantle Press.
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Khaiah Thomson

Khaiah Thomson pens the Welcome to Blackwood (Young Adult, Paranormal Fiction) series. The first book in the series, titled Welcome to Blackwood, won the Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize in 2020 and went on to become the publisher’s flagship YA presence in the marketplace.
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Ash Harrier

Ash Harrier is the author of the Alice England Mystery series. The first book in the series, Deadly Daylight, features twelve-year-old Alice England. Alice is curious, truthful and smart, but when you work in your father’s funeral home and you get messages from the dead, it can be difficult to make friends.  Deadly Daylight is published by Pantera Press.
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Hakea Hustler and Carl Merrison

Carl Merrison is a Jaru/Kija man from Halls Creek in the Kimberley. Together with Hakea Hustler they are the co-authors of three books including Black Cockatoo, My Deadly Boots and the suspenseful crime thriller Tracks of the Missing.
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Brenton E. McKenna

Brenton E. McKenna is a young Yawuru artist and writer who fell in love with comic books at a young age. He is the creator of the Ubby’s series of graphic novels, published by Magabala Books.
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Justin Randall

Justin Randall s an illustrator and graphic novelist, mostly known for his award winning series, Changing Ways, interior art for 30 Days of Night and cover art for Silent Hill.
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Nadia King

Nadia’s young adult novella, Jenna’s Truth, inspired by Amanda Todd’s tragic story of bullying, is a book that tells us what can happen when we discover our friends are no longer who we think they are. Tackling issues of cyberbullying and youth suicide, Kirkus Review has described Jenna’s Truth as “a deeply affecting, valuable story and educational tool.”
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Kate McCaffrey

Kate McCaffrey is the author of five award-winning novels for young adults: Destroying Avalon, In Ecstasy, Beautiful Monster, Crashing Down, and Saving Jazz, all published by Fremantle Press.
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Dianne Touchell

Dianne Touchell is is a writer of contemporary, edgy and relevant fiction for young adult readers. Her debut novel Creepy & Maud (Fremantle Press) was shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year Award in 2013 in the Older Readers category.
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Holden Sheppard

When a young Holden Sheppard discovered feelings weren’t something boys were meant to talk about, he began to write his down in stories instead. Twenty years later, the boy from Geraldton is the multi-award winning author of Invisible Boys (Fremantle Press). His second novel, The Brink (Text Publishing), is due for release in mid-2022.
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Rebecca Higgie

Rebecca is a writer from Perth. Her whole life has been spent in the company of books, with careers in libraries and universities. Her novel The History of Mischief (Fremantle Press), reveals a world of mischief and mystery, adventure and adversity – stolen bones and fiery dragons, feisty philosophers and tempestuous tyrants, shape-shifting trees and scorched scrolls
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Jon Doust

Jon Doust is the author of three novels: Boy on a Wire (longlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award), To the Highlands and Return Ticket. Though each book works as a standalone title, the three form a loose trilogy called One Boy’s Journey to Man.
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Julia Lawrinson

Julia is an award-winning writer for young adults. Her books, including Obsession, Bye Beautiful and Mel and Shell, are about friendship, family and the occasional Jack Russell.
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Susan Hoddy

Susan Hoddy, is a romance, and young-adult fiction writer; best known for her Lepidoptera Vampire Series, set in a world of danger and secrecy, where rival vampire dynasties fight for power, and where the very existence of the human race hangs in the balance.
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Meg Caddy

Meg Caddy is a part-time bookseller and a full-time nerd. Their fantasy novel Waer was shortlisted for the 2013 Text Prize and the 2017 CBCA Book of the Year Award, and their historical fiction Devil’s Ballast was shortlisted for the 2020 Readings YA Book Prize.
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