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With thanks to Claire Miller and the team at Fremantle Press for creating this special series of podcasts for Love to Read Local Radio.

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For Yuot A. Alaak, stories were a way of distracting himself from the fear of enemy attack, starvation and hardship, and to keep hope alive. In this very special episode of Love to Read Local Radio with Fremantle Press, Yuot A. Alaak shares his refugee experience and talks about the importance of sharing real and nuanced African stories with Rebecca Higgie.

Yuot discusses his City of Fremantle Hungerford Award shortlisted memoir, Father of the Lost Boys, which tells the story of his family, especially his father, Mecak Ajang Alaak who, on a four-year journey, led 20,000 lost boys to safety during the Second Sudanese Civil War.
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In the Love to Read Local Radio Archive:

Award-winning authors Holden Sheppard and A.J. Betts discuss how to juggle actual writing time with the business of being a writer. Listen here.

Susan Midalia, Donna Mazza, Emily Paull and Bindy Pritchard

What happens when you conference call with four talented Western Australian writers who are equally committed to short fiction as to long? Loads!

Madelaine Dickie interviews Helen Milroy and Brenton E. McKenna

Madelaine Dickie speaks to Helen Milroy and Brenton E. McKenna about why they love to tell stories.

David Whish-Wilson interviews Pol Koutsakis

David Whish-Wilson and Pol Koutsakis

What do you get when you put two criminal masterminds together? David Whish-Wilson and Pol Koutsakis talking books! In this fascinating episode, the pair discuss the hero – or antihero – in Pol’s two books, Athenian Blues and Baby Blue.  


Bron Bateman interviews poets Caitlin Maling and Reneé Pettitt-Schipp

Caitlin Maling

Poets Caitlin Maling, Bron Bateman and Reneé Pettitt-Schipp bare all on what inspires their writing, and how they connect with humanity in their poetry.


Sara Foster and Alexander Thorpe in conversation.

Sara Foster and Alexander Thorpe

Sara Foster and Alexander Thorpe have never met, but this podcast feels like the meeting of kindred spirits. From the classic mysteries of Agatha Christie and Josephine Tey to the police procedurals of Val McDermid and the atmospheric psychological thrillers of Nicci French, their discussion of their favourite books is a masterclass in international crime reads.

Josephine Taylor and Catherine Noske in conversation

Catherine Noske and Josephine Taylor

Westerly Magazine editors Catherine Noske and Josephine Taylor talk about their own novels, the writing they love and the good, the bad and the brilliant parts of their day jobs as literary editors. This episode provided an opportunity to celebrate the release of Catherine’s debut book The Salt Madonna and to foreground Josephine’s forthcoming novel Eye of a Rook.

Emma Young interviews Laurie Steed and Susan Midalia

In this Love to Read Local edition of the Fremantle Press podcast, novelist, journalist and Fogarty Literary Award shortlister, Emma Young, interviews her writing mentor Laurie Steed as well as her writing mentor’s mentor, Susan Midalia. Sound complicated? It’s not, it’s awesome.

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