Competition entries

Love to Read Local Fictional Flashbacks Competition 2024

This year's theme is Fictional Flashbacks and we were seek flash fiction pieces of 100-words or fewer, inspired by a memorable object in your life.

Writing WA acknowledges the Copyright Agency Limited Cultural Fund and Raine Square for their generous support in enabling Love to Read Local Week.

The winner, runners-up and People’s Choice Award will be announced on Friday 31 May to kick off the weekend of Love to Read Local Week 2024.

The Top 10 are:

Wendy Arthur, Spin Cycle
Robin Bower, Watching
Andrew R. Cameron, An Ode to My 2002 VX Commodore
Nellie Crawford, A Rope Swing in the Forest
Alison Davis, Shattered
Therese Edmonds, Home
Laila Miller, Catch After Catch
Katie Pope, The Mermaid Shell
Makenzi Prince, The Mother Tree
Jeanette Stampone, Gentle Reminder

Alana Pritchard

Despite being tall, dark and handsome, most passed him by without stopping to say hello. Every day was the same....

Alice Macri

The fizzing slap of the waves against the boat’s hull intensifies as they get closer to land. The ocean air...

Alison Davis

I slam the front door behind me so hard the windows tremble. Before that, I hurled the glass vase across...

Andrew R. Cameron

An Ode to My 2002 VX Commodore
We barrel across the Narrows in the stagnant heat of a summer’s midnight, low and intimate with the bitumen. Windows...

Annie Horner

The Back Fence
The Back Fence He scaled the fence often, sometimes daily. A jarrah fence constructed by my father. But she was...

Caitlin Ellis

Opening the Cicada Jar
I lift one to my ear with a crunch. I would awaken to their tymballic chorusing. That electric, hive-like hum....

Casey Mulder

She sat above Nitmiluk in the amber glow. Awkwardly holding his camera out in front of her, she took a...

Devin Grimm-Kos

Angel Station
I've never believed in angels. But I know about our iron. How it formed in space; hurtling at great speeds...

Emily Paull

Cold Ears, Warm Heart
That winter I learned two things; how to knit a beanie and that, like me, my Grandpa hated the cold....

Emily Robertson

The bedside cupboard doesn’t close right now. It’s only when she can no longer shove another thing in, that it’s...

Erika Johanson

Love-Soaked Cotton
After he slept in my shirt, I tucked it into bed like a child. That night I held it, breathing...

Isobelle Smith

Paradise or Perdition
The circular red stain in the glass indicates exactly what kind of night she had. When I went to bed...

Jeanette Stampone

Gentle Reminder
I find him awake in his hospital bed. I hand him the diary. He frowns. ‘I already have one. My...

Joanna Morrison

Tough Love
As a girl, I had a block-mounted print of Alice in a forest wonderland, intricately rendered in earthy green on...

Josephine Clarke

Piggy Bank
They'll toss it out, the pink china piggy, with his cheeky grin, his green overalls, an ear tip broken jagged...

Katie Pope

The Mermaid Shell
The air at Floreat felt heavy, as the waves licked the shore, scattering shells carelessly across the beach. We had...

Laila Miller

Catch After Catch
My son strokes the balero’s worn hand-carved edges. I show him how to toss the barrel, peg upright, string loose,...

Laura Motherway

From the Mouths of Babes
Dreaming, I inhale their tiny bodies, and in waking, I hold their pieces in my hands. Memento of innocence, of...

Liam Blackford

Fire, Water and Earth
This ‘kugel ball’ sculpture has a secret power, not known to many. There is a person in Perth at whose...

Macey Turner

My Father’s Only Vice
“I’m in here,” Dad would say when Mum yelled time for dinner. Out he’d come, feathers in his hair, smelling...

Makenzi Prince

The Mother Tree
There was another life before this one, she knows this for certain. A hazy memory of the place where she...

Nellie Crawford

A Rope Swing in the Forest
I wish you could feel it, know it. The feeling of swinging weightless over the river on a rope tied...

Pat Saunders

Squeaky Shoes
My librarian’s squeaky shoes felled me like an oak in the old growth forest. Her metronomic, melodic stride played double...

Rebecca West

Women are born with all their eggs, like Russian dolls the generations are stacked one upon another. Our family heirloom...

Robin Bower

Her gnarled fingers were like an oyster shell protecting its gem. Slowly, she opened her hand to reveal a dainty,...

Rory Lefroy

Blot in the Copybook
‘Whatcha got?’ ‘Squid.’ ‘Nice! Watch out, it’s inking… oof, too late. You look like a walking Rorschach test mate!’ ‘A...

Scott-Patrick Mitchell

The Promise-Shaped Doll
I commemorate a year of being clean by buying my mum a Barbie: 1996’s Bill Blass Barbie. This doll has...

Susan Braghieri

They came in search of riches, Kalgoorlie, 1895
Her baby daughter’s grave was now one of many dug in Kalgoorlie's parched red earth. Typhoid, they said, rampant among...

Therese Edmonds

If she closes her eyes she can shut out the distance so when the wheels hit the driveway she can...

Wendy Arthur

Spin Cycle
I left your ID card in my breast pocket and the washing machine buckled your photo into a misshapen parody....

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