Competition entries

Love to Read Local Flash Fiction Competition 2022.

The Love to Read Local Flash Fiction Competition invites West Australian writers to create an original, 100 word flash fiction inspired by the cover of a published book by a WA writer. You can now read each of the 2022 competition entries below.

The announcement of shortlisted entries will be made on 3 June and the winning entries will be revealed on 10 June.

The Flash competition is generously supported by Raine Square and Night Parrot Press.

Heather Wallace

Look Smart
Father loved looking smart. He constantly told me "you must always be well turned out my boy." During National Service,...

Shaz Jones

A Soul Rewinding
Warm sand at Cottesloe made it bittersweet to remember Paul lovingly clanking his wrench on freezing copper pipes teasing out...

Barry Divola

Forget Inc.
She left on a Friday. On Monday he made the appointment. His head was shaved. His mind was made up....

David Allan-Petale

The Only Warm Place
He wanders into the book shop with no purpose in mind but to browse. Just him and the girl behind...

Jay Chesters

The Big Adventure Starts Here
Breathless, I scan the letter for the words. There: Delighted to offer you- I’m in. Full scholarship. I’m getting off...

Lee Reader

The End
Instinctively, he looks into the man’s eyes. Squinting, sunglasses reflect the shadow of licking sunlight. The band of his middle...

Rosie Sitorus

My mother’s tongue
My mother speaks a tongue that doesn’t know my soft palate or my alveolar ridge.. She’s in my dreams, the...

Ali Hitchcock

My Little Boat
The rocking always spirited me into a dreamy sleep. It's one of the reasons I loved my little boat. The...

Bonnie Christian

Is that you?
She’s been marking tracks around the lake, searching. The dragonflies dart by, madly. Hello? She whispers. A turtle trudges across...

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