Competition entries

We're excited to share the entries that we received to our Flashing the Cover competition. We had a phenomenal response, with 103 entries received.  These are arranged below in groups according to the cover image they respond to and in alphabetical order by book title. The winner of the competition has been announced as Nicki Blake for her work Hidden Depths, a response to the cover of Dervla McTiernan's latest novel, The Good Turn. Our congratulations to Nicki and to all the writers who contributed such fantastic writing to this competition.

Daniel Wilson

A Stolen Wish
Mintaka was the youngest star of his one trillion billion siblings and since the dawn of time, he and his...

Glen Morgan

Thirty metres below
Thirty meters below … Thirty metres of fresh air between me and the ocean below; I dangled as a spider...

Gillian O'Shaughnessy

The Other Side Of Night
I can’t reach you, but I know you’re there. Your field of view is a sky as white as mine...

Robyn Lunn

When Diamonds become Coal
You’d think an astronomer would have known that stars burn out. ‘Our love is written in the stars.’ It was...

Venetia Scaife

Late Night Walk
The light came from a single shooting star as she apprehensively walked the secluded street. There was something creepy about...

Susan Carameli

The Anniversary Dance
Anniversary Fred held out his gnarled, age spotted hand and smiled at Dorothy. She grinned up at him. ‘Care to...

Susan Kennedy

Star Struck
To sleep outdoors under Western Australian skies is one of life’s blessings. I grew up in the Murchison, with heavens...

Maria Bonar

Dancing With The Stars
Beryl, the cupcake queen, will bake her famous blueberry muffins for the Bethanie Christmas Party. I can’t match her CWA...

Lee Harsen

Catch a Falling Star
Put it in your pocket… Save it for a rainy day…never let it fade away. Mum used to sing that...

Sian Ceinwen

Everybody Hates Mondays
“Yes, ma’am, I understand.” Pause. “No, it’s not okay for the cat to steal your fiddle.” Pause again. “I know...

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