Competition entries

We're excited to share the entries that we received to our Flashing the Cover competition. We had a phenomenal response, with 103 entries received.  These are arranged below in groups according to the cover image they respond to and in alphabetical order by book title. The winner of the competition has been announced as Nicki Blake for her work Hidden Depths, a response to the cover of Dervla McTiernan's latest novel, The Good Turn. Our congratulations to Nicki and to all the writers who contributed such fantastic writing to this competition.

Emma Louise Gill

Djiti Djiti
Chit-chit-chit-chit "The wagtail’s at it again." "’Tail!" "Aw. Where’s the birdy, Izzy?" "’Tail!" "Noisy critter, isn’t it. Hasn’t stopped all...

Alison Davis

Cake Crash
Cake. Splatters like road kill. Splashes of pink icing smear the pavement. The man freezes, his arms outstretched as though...

Glad McGough

Sitting in a padded puppy basket, was the minutest little animal, white, with a patch over his left, enormous sad...

Kylie Sturgess

My eyes are shut and I hear the medic say it’s over. Life passes quickly, from a car to a...

Kelly E Fox

Twist and Tangle
The gremlins got into the cassette box again. Angel sighs as they begins the task of sorting the curls of...

Laura Holloway

Dear Diary Today is the greatest day of my life. Tyson Baines, the freshest guy in school, made ME a...

A R Hitchcock

I thought it would be easier than this. If only Jackie knew the lengths I’d go to for her. She...

Andrew Heath

I’ll Tell You About Hope!
All your life, you wait for your turn to belong – your big opportunity. Somehow your dream survives removal, dislocation,...

June Bownds

On Probation
The time had come. Faye Montague of Montague Antiques summoned the two girls on probation. She had to choose one....

Nicki Ranger

Now You’ve Come Undone
Your voice slowed for a moment, unable to move from one note to the next, before you stopped singing altogether....

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