Competition entries

Love to Read Local Flash Fiction Competition 2022.

The Love to Read Local Flash Fiction Competition invites West Australian writers to create an original, 100 word flash fiction inspired by the cover of a published book by a WA writer. You can now read each of the 2022 competition entries below.

Huge congratulations to the 10 writers who were shortlisted in the competition: Emily Tsokos Purtill, Alison Davis, Therese Edmonds, Aileen Boyer, Belinda Rowe, Barry Divola, Carolyn Parker, Melanie Cranenburgh, Jay Chesters and Coral Montero Lopez. Their shortlisted entries appear at the top of this page below with all other entries following.

At a special function hosted on 10 June it was announced that the winning authors and entries were:
1st Prize - Barry Divola for Forget Inc.
2nd Prize - Emily Tsokos Purtill with for Goodbye.
3rd Prize - Jay Chesters for The Big Adventure Starts Here.

The Flash competition is generously supported by Raine Square and Night Parrot Press.

Joanna Blackley

Sheer brown earth and shale, she teeters on its precipice, makes it to the brink, only to plunge down, sup,...

Trish Anderson

The Joker
“Stop being such a joker Jakie.” His Mum’s last words. He got a job and changed Sunday arvo poker for...

Miriam Fisher

The Shell Game
She is beatific on her throne, revelling in the gentle ticking. Her smooth complexion glows in the natural light while...

Abigail Spiers

My Best Friend – Dampier
Dampier is my best mate, and he is a horse. We ride for miles and miles across the land and...

Ana Brawls

Sama’s legs were pointing skywards, she was falling from herself. On her way down, countless colourful windows flicked past. Was...

Melanie Hawkes

“Woof, woof, woof,” I bark, sending the black birds high in the sky. It’s so much fun chasing the birds....

Alyce Schotte

See and Seen
Look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself differently than the way the rest of society has seen you....

Libby Foster

Esteemed doctor-to-the-homeless
Esteemed doctor-to-the-homeless My ears change channels, switching from noisy talkers in the far corner of the café, to tune into...

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