Competition entries

We're excited to share the entries that we received to our Flashing the Cover competition. We had a phenomenal response, with 103 entries received.  These are arranged below in groups according to the cover image they respond to and in alphabetical order by book title. The winner of the competition has been announced as Nicki Blake for her work Hidden Depths, a response to the cover of Dervla McTiernan's latest novel, The Good Turn. Our congratulations to Nicki and to all the writers who contributed such fantastic writing to this competition.

Andrew O'Connell

The Pirate
It was immediately after the battle of 1741 in Cartagena. The English had tried to take the Castillo San Felipe...

Jo-Anne Giles

The school crowd swarm to the tennis courts with Kimdarren held aloft and then dropped on the ground. He cries...

Jacqueline Warner

D Day
That last ball had knocked him flat. He lay on the warm sand, winded, staring up at the sky. God,...

Craig Duncan

Day Trip
Uncle John and Aunty Pat's farm seemed like nowhere, ‘out there’. We’d already been caged four hours, bouncing on the...

Jessica Kenny

‘Oh my gaud, honestly Bufin, give it over!’ ‘No. Leave me alone!’ ‘Shadup, you two,’ Cooper calmly stated. Cricket in...

Louise Tarrier

XÆA-12 scans the monitor. Carbon levels optimal, oxygen optimal, nitrogen sub-optimal. Making the necessary adjustment to air quality he sinks...

Nadia Rhook

Settler Dawns
Here, afternoon tea can be consumed at first light. A baby can be born before her mother’s waters break. A...

Sam Elkin

False Claims
Your honour, my client comes before you today embarrassed by their actions, and with a strong commitment to make redress...

Pixie O'Neill

Rolling thunder, strobing lightning, drenching rain, red ground soft, a tiny seed awakens in darkness. Seed casing cracks, a tiny...

J A Hooper

I was adopted. It wasn’t a secret. I always knew. Mum and Dad would say, ‘We chose you.’ When I...

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