Competition entries

We're excited to share the entries that we received to our Flashing the Cover competition. We had a phenomenal response, with 103 entries received.  These are arranged below in groups according to the cover image they respond to and in alphabetical order by book title. The winner of the competition has been announced as Nicki Blake for her work Hidden Depths, a response to the cover of Dervla McTiernan's latest novel, The Good Turn. Our congratulations to Nicki and to all the writers who contributed such fantastic writing to this competition.

Sarah Ayres

The Child
The child was heavy in Donna’s arms. It did not squirm, as she thought it might when placed into the...

Emily Tsokos Purtill

The blessing
With my baby snuggling on my chest, I wait in the morning coffee line, foggy after another restless, forever night....

Michele Nugent

Stupid eyes
I don't want to be a mum anymore. Not this one whose brain is cooked with worry. I can be...

Debby Vinciullo

It’s 3 am, you need me to meet another need. You cannot make it though the night without me and...

Natasha Seymour

How do I feel good again
She couldn’t explain it with words, she didn’t know how to ask the doctor for help. How to describe a...

Rebecca M Newman

When he turned three we gave my little brother a goldfish. He named his fish Swimming In the Water, and...

Laurie Butterly

I Knew I Could Fly (Away)
After 8 years away, I boarded a plane. I was full of trepidation. Would I lose myself? Was I brave...

Melanie Cranenburgh

Broken Wings
A green and blue figure jogged into view: bicolour activewear hugged an athletic frame and wispy pigtails flapped with each...

Bernice Barry

I know you. The weight of you, the rhythm of you. The press of your small body rolling against me,...

Natalie D-Napoleon

Moth Wings
In the nether time the world is made of moth wings, houses of paper and glass, the good intentions of...

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