Competition entries

Love to Read Local Flash Fiction Competition 2022.

The Love to Read Local Flash Fiction Competition invites West Australian writers to create an original, 100 word flash fiction inspired by the cover of a published book by a WA writer. You can now read each of the 2022 competition entries below.

Huge congratulations to the 10 writers who were shortlisted in the competition: Emily Tsokos Purtill, Alison Davis, Therese Edmonds, Aileen Boyer, Belinda Rowe, Barry Divola, Carolyn Parker, Melanie Cranenburgh, Jay Chesters and Coral Montero Lopez. Their shortlisted entries appear at the top of this page below with all other entries following.

At a special function hosted on 10 June it was announced that the winning authors and entries were:
1st Prize - Barry Divola for Forget Inc.
2nd Prize - Emily Tsokos Purtill with for Goodbye.
3rd Prize - Jay Chesters for The Big Adventure Starts Here.

The Flash competition is generously supported by Raine Square and Night Parrot Press.

Rachel Champion

Perfect Balance
Hands on my waist, gently guiding me around. I fall into a graceful spin, feeling slight release. I twirl in...

Megan Anderson

I Know How to Roll
This is my deathbed? It’s not what I imagined, but that’s definitely me down there. I look pasty, speeding through...

Gillian Carter

She’s waving at me, white water swirling around her feet. Infinite blue stretches beyond the horizon, ocean dancing in the...

Erin Middleton

The Next Stop
He stood in solitude, untouched, as the wind coiled around the corners of the bus shelter. Fingerprints on the glass...

Samantha Boswell

Tiny white lies
You are 57 years old with an immunocompromised partner. You were an invaluable human resource. There was white noise like...

Julie duxbury

Knock Knock
Opening the, I shone my torch around. Phil stood with me and shone his torch but nothing showed up. I...

Natalie Leitao

The Fly
The Fly There was a buzz. Then a tickle. Then a gulp. The fly that had been buzzing and pestering...

Louise Burlinson

Memento Mori
Morgan holds his breath while greedy fingers scrabble in the hessian bag. He’s arranging the daybreak’s findings, snatched from gritty...

Margaret Merga

I stand on the shore, eyes on the churn and froth, waiting. They say I’m crazy but I know you’re...

Andrew Kelly

Senses as a Service (SaaS)
My eyes stopped working again. A blur of blue-white static filled my vision as I stumbled down the busy footpath....

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