Competition entries

We're excited to share the entries that we received to our Flashing the Cover competition. We had a phenomenal response, with 103 entries received.  These are arranged below in groups according to the cover image they respond to and in alphabetical order by book title. The winner of the competition has been announced as Nicki Blake for her work Hidden Depths, a response to the cover of Dervla McTiernan's latest novel, The Good Turn. Our congratulations to Nicki and to all the writers who contributed such fantastic writing to this competition.

Richard Diss

I was a man, I’m now a bee, lover and hoarder of honey. Our hive moved like cogs in a...

Zannatul Wara Fairuz

A whispered story, what a mother said to her child
Spread your wings and fly, my darling. When I was 3, my parents split. They juggled me around. But where...

Elizabeth Lydon

Danse Macabre
I’d like to think it was the autumnal cold that caused me to involuntarily shudder...but I knew my nemesis had...

Sabian Wilde

Before the virus, we complained our society was deeply disconnected as a community. It disagreed. Violently. It took the strong...

Hannah Rose

We are invisible. They do not hear our voices; they do not hear our pleas. If we hit a woman,...

Sabrina Swift

All I Can Do Now Is Hold You
Fate dealt you a trick hand, with motor skills you no longer have. Your eyes tell your story while you...

Lorraine Lambert

The Face in the Window
The face in the window. He didn't fit the bill. He was not who they thought he was. The picture...

Amanda Rostron

A Mother’s Love
Dad lies dead in the congealing blood that once gave him life. Mum is stood over him, not trying to...

W.J. Kite

Invisible Boys
One world disappearing, another revealing. “Macular degeneration,” said the doctor, “common in the elderly,”. I lay on my mattress in...

Aileen Boyer

The Rainbow
Change was in the air. Tension was mounting. It felt like being in a theme park full of primary colours...

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