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Writing WA acknowledges the Copyright Agency Limited Cultural Fund for their generous support in enabling an author event fund for Love to Read Local Week, which is an annual state-wide campaign showcasing and celebrating Western Australia’s many, many wonderful writers and illustrators, and the books they create.




What is the Author Event Fund?

This fund provides an opportunity for writers’ centres, bookshops, book clubs, libraries, shires and other organisations throughout the state to host events – either in person or virtually – featuring WA authors during Love to Read Local Week in the first week of June each year, coinciding with WA Day celebrations. The Fund offers ASA rates to the participating authors. 

AUTHORS: This is an opportunity for you to build readership and increase your discoverability. Contact your local library or book club networks and encourage them to submit an application and host an event with you.


Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Check out the conditions and fill out an online application below. We aim to notify applicants of a decision within 7 working days. Once funds are fully allocated, we will update this webpage. Currently funds are still available for 2024 so please apply!


  1. Applications should be made by the host group/book club (not by the author).
  2. The Fund will support a maximum of one event per group or book club.
  3. The Fund will support a maximum of three authors per one event hosted by a group or book club.
  4. The Fund will support a maximum of three events featuring any one author.
  5. The Fund will only support events featuring resident West Australian authors.
  6. All events should be scheduled to take place within Love to Read Local Week, 2-9 June, 2024.
  7. Writing WA will pay the author’s engagement fee (at ASA rates) following the event and on receipt of the author’s invoice.
  8. A maximum of 30 events (or less if funds are fully allocated) can be supported in total.
  9. Eligible events include: Author talk/In Conversation; Workshop; Podcast. NB: Limits apply to each category to ensure a diverse spread of events and to stay within funding allocation.
  10. Applications are encouraged from Writing WA member organisations.
  11. Groups wishing to become members can apply for membership here.
  12. Successful applicants will be responsible for organising, ticketing, hosting and promoting their events.
  13. All events will be listed and featured on the Love to Read Local Week website, and promoted through Writing WA social media and other channels.


Author Event Fund
Is the host organisation a current Writing WA corporate member?
NB: The Fund will support a maximum of three authors per one event.
Have you already confirmed availability of the person/people for your event?
Time of proposed event *
Please note: Bookclubs, readings, panels, launches, in conversations, podcasts etc should not exceed 1 hour. Workshops can be either 1 hour or 2-3 hours.
Is your event:
Is your event:
If you are based in regional WA and would like to host a live event, do you have funds available to support the author's travel?
Have you participated in Love to Read Local Week before?
How did you first hear about Love to Read Local Week?

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