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Here are some other places that you might like to explore:

  • Writing WA’s Book reviews – all books are by WA writers and many are by WA publishers.
  • Writing WA’s Book Club Books – books that we have chosen as ideal content for Book Club groups
  • Literati Directory – all of the writers featured in the Directory are published WA writers. Explore their profile pages for information about the books they’ve written.
  • Watch past episodes from our Cover to Cover program for in-depth interviews with WA writers talking about their own books as well as the works they’ve chosen to recommend by other WA writers.
  • Our member publishers – check their websites for backlist and new release titles.
  • Our member bookshops maintain really great websites and most offer their own reviews of various titles.  Of course not all of the books on these sites will be exclusively by WA writers, so don’t be afraid to call your local shop for advice and tips on which WA books they are loving the most at the moment.
  • Our Member Libraries 


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