WA Writers’ Fund

Become a WA Writers’ Fund donor
$3000+ annually



What you achieve for writers:

  • The delivery of essential resources and ongoing professional development programs.
  • The building of new networks to publish and distribute work on local, national and international stages.
  • Commissioned writing opportunities across all platforms.
  • The development of international residencies and fellowships.
  • Subsidised travel to interstate and international festivals and events.
  • The development of new major book awards.

You will share in:

  • Unique travel experiences. You’ll be invited to join other WA Writers’ Fund donors to visit select regions and enjoy curated, guided cultural encounters.
  • Meet the author events. Get to know writers over shared meals and conversation – go beyond the public book signing.
  • Getting connected. Meet authors, speakers and fellow donors at …
  • Literature Live Around the World
  • Quantum Words Perth Festival
  • Love to Read Local Week events
  • Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Perth
  • All other Writing WA festivals, events, launches and wherever book lovers meet.
  • Follow careers. Stay informed about the writers you support through the WA Writers’ Fund.
  • Be informed. Receive monthly updates about industry events, announcements and the many ways in which your donation is making a difference.

Plus you will:

  • Have the opportunity to pre-purchase/reserve signed books.
  • Enjoy Premier reserve seating at free festival events.
  • Access to Early-bird booking alert for ticketed festival events.
  • Subscribe to our fortnightly ‘Love to Read Local’ newsletter featuring new book reviews, member profiles and more.
  • Have the opportunity to contribute a ‘Donor Book Review’ on our ‘Love to Read Local’ website.


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