Crime writers Sara Foster and Alexander Thorpe meet on Love to Read Local Radio

Sara Foster and Alexander Thorpe have never met, but in this latest podcast it feels like the meeting of kindred spirits. The pair discuss how Sara’s work as an editor, first for HarperCollins in the UK and then as a freelancer, held her in good stead when it came to the editorial process. As an editor, Sara learned that when pacing your thriller, you need ebb and flow – that without pauses between the peak moments of suspense, you deaden the overall impact, so quiet moments where the readers can breathe are essential. What Sara’s editorial work didn’t show her was the extent of post-publication marketing or just what it takes to get a book out into the world. She says it’s important to allow creative joy to flourish even while the business of being a writer is taking up time and energy.

Listen here.
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